Alopecia UK is not a membership charity. We want all our information to be free at the point of access for all those who need it. As such we need to find alternative ways to help financially sustain the charity. One of these ways is through our Service Directory. Our directory provides businesses with the opportunity to list their products and/or services on the Alopecia UK website. This creates a much-needed funding stream for the charity, an additional place for advertising for the businesses and a helpful resource for those with alopecia.

Many businesses also look at this as their opportunity to support a charity that supports many within their own client base or some view it is part of their Corporate Social Responsibility model. By having a listing on Alopecia UK's Service Directory, businesses are also able to join our private Alopecia UK Products and Services Chat Facebook group and participate in our ‘Free to Promote Fridays’. If your business would like to join the Alopecia UK Service Directory, please apply here