We are regularly asked for recommendations for suppliers of products and services. It can be daunting when considering products and services relating to alopecia and exploring the various options available.

Being a small national charity, it is not possible for us to know about all the businesses in the UK. There is a huge number of suppliers across the country and we cannot recommend one over another. It is for this reason that Alopecia UK developed its Service Directory, to help people affected by hair loss find businesses specialising in products and services relating to alopecia.

Businesses pay a fee to be included in the Alopecia UK Service Directory.  The fee covers the costs of maintaining the directory and supports the work of Alopecia UK. Alopecia UK provides this information as a resource only and does not in any way endorse the products or services being offered.  You can find businesses relating to alopecia on the Alopecia UK Service Directory here.

You are able to find recommendations from others affected by alopecia via the private ‘Alopecia UK Products & Services Chat Group’ on Facebook. Alopecia UK created this group to provide people with alopecia a safe space to discuss products and services, give and receive recommendations and share experiences with wigs, headwear, permanent make up and other products.  You can join the Alopecia UK Products & Services Chat Group here.