There are many products marketed as helping with hair loss but rarely is there any clinical evidence to back up the claims made. We would always recommend checking the product’s website and searching for appropriate evidence prior to making a purchase. We recommend seeking advice from your GP before taking any supplement.

Please note, there is limited evidence about the use of supplements. This paper from 2017 provides a review of the role of vitamins and minerals in hair loss. 

If you wish to try a shampoo or supplement, we recommend being mindful of the following:

  • A product that one person insists has worked miracles for them, will not work for everyone. It is also worth remembering that, with alopecia areata, spontaneous regrowth can occur at any time and may be coincidental with the time of trying a new product.
  • The financial cost of some hair loss products can be considerable, and most products will suggest that the effects will only be seen following months of use.
  • A financial and emotional investment in a product that then has no effect can lead to feelings of disappointment. It can be challenging to manage expectations when trying new products and this should be a point to consider before trying any new shampoo or supplement.