We have the use of a room called the Hospitality Suite for the whole day.  This is a very short walk from the theme park entrance and we will circle it on your Park Map which you will receive in your Event Pack with your tickets.

Timings for the Hospitality Suite

9:30 – 10am:  Different to previous years Alopecia UK Groups will now gather in the Hospitality Suite rather than on the Plaza as it’s a bit warmer.  You can also leave bags/lunch there if you wish however please note that the room will not be secured and we cannot guarantee the safety of your items.  We therefore recommend that you do not leave any valuables.

1:30 – 2:25pm:  Lunchtime Meet Up.  Everyone will gather in here at lunchtime so we can all see how many of us there really is in the park!  If you have pre-ordered a sandwich you will also be able to collect it at this point.  We’ll also do a short Charity talk at approximately 2pm.

What do we have in the Hospitality Suite?

The Alopecia UK Merchandise stall

Forgotten to buy something?  We will have a limited amount of stock available for sale at our stall in the Hospitality Suite.  Different to previous years the stall will now only be available in the Hospitality Suite (we will no longer set up on the Plaza in the morning).  The stall will be open from 9:30am until 3pm.

Tuck shop

A tuck shop will be selling some snacks such as crisps, chocolate and drinks.

Tables, Seating & Warmth

You are welcome to visit the Hospitality Suite at any point if you just want a sit down or even just to warm up!  It is our own space for the day and is for use by Alopecia UK attendees only.