Please allow yourself plenty of time to get there and plan your route beforehand (see Alton Towers website).  Remember Alton Towers is a big place and you need to park up and then queue to get on the monorail and travel by monorail to the entrance (where we will be). All of this may take up to half an hour (or more) depending on how busy it is.

Ticket Collection

You must collect your tickets and event packs between 9:15am and 10:30am from AUK Volunteers (who will be wearing yellow high viz vests).  We will be by the entrance.  You will soon spot us (look for all the blue t-shirts)!  Please bring either your confirmation email (paper or digital) OR proof of ID in the name of the person who booked in order to collect your theme park tickets. 

If you are late:   If arriving after 10am just let Jen know by text on 07763293687 and include your name and estimated time of arrival.  Please DO NOT PHONE!  That first hour is really hectic and no one has time to answer the phone.  Don’t worry Jen won’t go without you and once it calms down Jen will see that you have text.  Please bear in mind though that she does want to get in the park as well and as such will only wait until 11am before packing up and going in to the park. 


What to do after ticket collection

You can either go through in to the park or join an organised group.  Note that organised groups will go through at 10am.  It is entirely up to you whether you join a group.  Obviously a big part of the day for many is to meet others affected by alopecia.