Please allow yourself plenty of time to get to Alton Towers and plan your route beforehand (see Alton Towers website). Setting off earlier than the Sat Nav suggests the journey will take will hopefully reduce the risk of you arriving late. 

Please note Alton Towers is a big place and you need to park up and allow time to get to the Entrance Plaza (where we will be).

The Monorail takes visitors from the car park to the Theme Park entrance. The Monorail opens from 9am (Subject to operational restrictions) each day and closes one hour after the advertised ride close.

Alternatively, you can walk from the car park to the theme park entrance. It takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending where you have parked your car.

Car Park walking times to Entrance:

A,B,C - 10-15 Minutes

D,E,F,G,H - 18-22 Minutes

J,M,N,O,P - 22-28 Minutes

Ticket Collection

You must collect your tickets and event packs between 9:15am and 10:00am from AUK Volunteers (who will be wearing yellow high viz vests and blue Alopecia UK t-shirts) at the park entrance plaza.

You will soon spot us (look for all the blue t-shirts)!  Please bring either your confirmation email (paper or digital) OR proof of ID in the name of the person who booked in order to collect your theme park tickets. 

Organised groups will start going around the park at 10am. 

If you are late: If arriving after 10am please text the event organiser (details will be sent to those who have booked closer to the time) and include your name and estimated arrival time. 

Please DO NOT PHONE! That first hour is really busy for the volunteer team and unfortunately no one has time to answer the phone.  Don’t worry we will not just leave you. Once most of the attendees have gathered their tickets we will check the phone to see who has sent a text. Please bear in mind though that we will only wait until 11am before going in to the park. 

What to do after ticket collection

From 9.30am (once you have collected your tickets) you will be able to enter the park. If you would like to join one of our organised groups you will be able to head to the Hospitality Suite to meet the group volunteers and other attendees. Organised groups will start heading around the park at 10am. 

If you would prefer not to join an organised group you may start heading around the park from 9.30am. 

Don't worry there will be plenty of AUK volunteers around to help you figure out what to do and where to go!