Zoe Spence and Leanna Smith have raised a PHENOMENAL £4,172.00(!) for Alopecia UK with a sponsored head shave. Zoe tells us all about their efforts...

"Leanna and I have known each other for years. We were in the same year at school. We were brought back together about 3 years ago when we were both working in the same arts venue. I began to work closer to Leanna and eventually became one of her carers. We now spend at least 3 days a week together, getting up to all sorts of mischief. 

When Leanna started to lose her hair, I wanted to get involved in some fundraising and awareness raising in Shetland and that's when I got the notion to shave my head. Shetland is a tiny place and both Leanna and I are quite well known. Everyone knew my hair was my favourite feature as it was big, bouncy, long curls so when I announced I would be shaving it off, the response was incredible! I started the Facebook Fundraiser, then got in touch with Alopecia UK for awareness materials. I set up a fundraising page on the website too and printed a few sponsor forms to take to work. 

On the night of my head shave, we took two collection buckets around the pubs in Lerwick and it was amazing to see people reaching into their pockets before we even asked! Through the pub collections alone we raised £1000!

I honestly can't believe how much we have raised. It's a HUGE thanks to the people of Shetland, ever generous when there's a charity event, especially after a few pints!

Since I started this fundraising, Leanna has gone on an amazing emotional journey with her alopecia. To see her now, you would never know how upset, stressed and heartbroken she felt about losing her hair. She has taken all the advice, listened to all the stories and has taken it all on board. Now she goes out every day (even to special events) without her wig and is proud to tell people all about alopecia and wants everyone to understand what it means. She wears her 'This Is Me' badge with pride! 

A month ago when I asked Leanna how she was feeling about her hair, she would say 'no good', 'bad sleep' or 'stressed'. Recently, she was stroking my hair that's growing back and said to me 'I love my no hair!' with a big smile on her face! 

An ENORMOUS THANK YOU to Zoe and Leanna for their incredible efforts and to everyone in Shetland who supported this incredible fundraising achievement!