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Jennifer Effie’s Hair Solutions offers various Hair Replacement Solutions for women. We understand that there is no universal solution that fits everybody as everyone has a different perception of what looks natural. For this reason, we offer human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, high end European hair wigs and bespoke Hair Replacement Systems. It is important to us that we can cater to everybody’s needs and provide them with the hair solution of their dreams.

Jennifer Effie’s Hair Solutions works with women of all ages, including children. Over years of working in the hair replacement industry Jennifer noticed that a lot of women felt stressed about finding the right solution for themselves and were sad about even going into a consultation to figure out their ideal solution. Jennifer wanted to bring the joy and excitement of going to get your hair done. She is focused on creating a positive environment that made the process far from stressful. The environment at Jennifer Effie’s makes the client feel like they are going to the hairdressers for some TLC. The client’s happiness is our main priority.

Our Hair Replacement Systems are designed to cover the area where you have experienced hair loss. This may be complete hair loss, small patches around the head or it can be thinning through the crown area and hair line. No matter what kind of hair loss our client is experiencing, our Hair Replacement Systems are designed to cover the entire area. The idea of our bespoke Hair Replacement System is to duplicate how your hair looked before experiencing hair loss. We make sure to match the colour, texture, density, and style that you had previously. Wearing a Jennifer Effie’s Hair Replacement System will boost their confidence, making them feel like themselves again. The amazing thing about our Hair Replacement System is that they are bespoke and have been tailored to individual client’s needs, making it suitable for all types of hair loss.

The client in these images has small patches of hair loss all around her head. We created a bespoke system that perfectly matched her density, colour, and texture. We then attached the system to the places that she had experienced hair loss and styled it exactly as she wanted.

The method of attachment that is chosen for our Hair Replacement System’s is completely dependant on the hair loss pattern of our client. The different ways that our systems can be attached, allows our systems to be accessible for all our clients.

It is of the upmost importance to us that we don’t put stress on any hair that our client has, we want to maintain healthy hair where we can. Each attachment technique is decided specifically for that client and their pattern of hair loss. Going in with a one size fits all mindset could cause problems, so we make sure to cater to the client by providing with the results that they love.

Each bespoke piece requires after care in the form of Regroom Appointments. At the Regroom Appointment we remove the system, clean it, wash, and treat our client’s hair and then reattach it. We recommend clients come in every four weeks ensuring the systems look amazing and last as long as possible. The appointment takes between an hour and a half to two hours. Quick and easy appointments just like in a salon.  

The consultation takes place in private rooms, allowing our client to comfortably try on samples that they like the look of and ask any questions that they may have about the process. When having a consultation for a bespoke Hair Replacement System, we keep samples in the salon to allow the client to get a clear idea of how it feels and how it works. When the client requests a consultation for a wig type that we don’t have in the salon, we organise a second consultation that allows them to come back in and try on a wig that has their desired colour and style. We do this because the client can not get a good idea of their perfect colour and style if they do not try it on, especially when it comes to a complimentary colour. It is important that our clients fall in love with their hair solutions.

Two of our lovely clients with smiles on their faces after getting their bespoke systems fitted

The steps after the consultation are dependent on the hair solution that our client decides to pick. If they choose the bespoke Hair Replacement System, we design their system and get it made. Once it has arrives, we book them in for their fitting and discuss the best method of attachment. Once attached, we style and cut it to their desired look. We then go through a clear after care regime for them to follow; including recommended products that we have at the salon and a step-by-step care plan that we email to them. There is a follow up call that comes after the first 24 hours of having their system, just to ensure that they are still as happy as they were when they left.

Our Hair Replacement Systems also come with the option of non-permanent attachment. This allows the client to remove and reattach their system as they wish. This option will allow our clients to come and see us every 6-8 months to ensure that their system is still in great condition.  

Our beautiful clients are wearing their bespoke Hair Replacement systems, photo on the left is wearing her hair system to be removed / reattached as required and lady on the right has hers permanently attached.

With our wigs the process is a little different, once the wig arrives, the client is booked in and the wig is cut and styled to our client’s preference. We then teach them how to take it off and on, how to maintain, wash and style it. The focus is on making their life with their new hair piece as simple as possible.

Both photos are of our lovely clients wearing our human hair wigs on their special day. The wigs are versatile with a very natural look

We hold our client’s hand throughout the whole process. We understand how emotionally exhausting and stressful looking for the perfect hair loss solution can be, which is why we focus so heavily on the process being as easy as possible. We just want you to enjoy your new hair without any worries.

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