Our customers love having a salon experience, something often missed with hair loss.

The team at Alopecia UK tell us that a question they are regularly asked is: 

“As a first time wig wearer, what can I expect from a visit to a wig salon”

Before we answer this question, firstly we need to look at possible pitfalls with buying your first wig online.  These are the top three considerations when purchasing a wig online for the first time. 

The Size Could Be Off

When you buy a wig online it will not be expertly fitted to your head. So it may not be the correct size. A wig that is too large will require a few creative adjustment techniques. If a wig is too small, you don’t have many options other than to return the item. 

The Colour Might Not Match

When you buy your first piece you want it to match your natural hair colour. The problem with making a wig purchase online is that the photos don’t always give you the true colours. Plus, you can’t get a feel for the texture in the photos or by a written description. The wig you get online may not match your natural hair colour or have the texture you wanted. 

Hair and scalp care 

The consultants will show you how to maintain and care for your wig, your scalp and ensure you get the longest wear out of your wig. The consultants will examine your scalp and devise a treatment plan to ensure conditions like scalp inflammation, excess oils, dry hair, and excess scalp sebum are managed effectively.  

Talking to a hair loss specialist and qualified experienced hairdresser will ensure that your new hair will match your hair colour, style and texture, and it will fit perfectly.

What to expect from the Salon Experience?

We cannot tell you about all wig salons, but we can tell you what to expect from the wonderful wig company. We are a multi-award winning wig shop and salon specialising in medical and non-medical hair loss. Our vision is to modernise the wig-wearing experience, we are proud to offer a refreshing, empathetic service brought to you by our expert hair stylists who have been trained in hair loss by Trevor Sorbie MBE.

Hair Boss: Nicola Wood

Our passion is hairdressing and Nicola explains why: 

“Hairdressing is art! It’s fresh, it’s modern, it has seasons and it changes along with the catwalk. It really excites us!”. 

Our Wonderful Wig Service is directed by Nicola Wood, a renowned hair professional with over 20 years of experience in hairdressing and an expert in hair loss. We call Nicola the Wonderful Wig Companies Hair Boss, as she combines her expertise as an award winning hairdresser, with her passion to help people with hair loss. Nicola prides herself on being able to offer every customer a welcoming, comfortable setting while discussing the very best options for your individual needs. Nicolas mission was to take wig fitting out of a clinical setting and into a modern all inclusive modern salon.

“It’s not about selling wigs, it’s about finding the right solution for you and to guide you through hair loss.” says Nicola. 


We know each client is different, which is why our hair loss solutions are completely tailored to your needs. Every piece in our collection is crafted from high-quality human hair or the finest synthetic materials, all sourced and hand-picked by Nicola herself. We take into account all ethnicities and hair textures and the team will cut, colour and style each piece to ensure the most natural finish.

Benefits of getting your wig from a hair loss specialist and hairdresser.

The perfect fit in a wonderful hairdressing experience. 

Our number 1 advice if you are buying a wig for the first time is to try it on. Expert measurements by a consultant will ensure  that your new hair fits you perfectly. Plus, you have somewhere to go back to if it doesn't fit correctly or have an allergic reaction or you need the style or colour changed. Once you know your cap size and the different brand sizes, you can then shop online. We recommend all our clients have a confident consultation first. 

Free Hair Loss Consultations

The price of our wigs is generally no more expensive than those on instagram or online, but the experience and expert service you will receive is second to none. With client comfort being our top priority, our in-depth confidence consultations are carried out in a private room at our exclusive Newcastle and Sunderland salons. They are conducted by our highly trained Hair Boss Consultants and are expected to last approximately one hour. After discussing and identifying your specific hair loss issues, your Hair Boss Consultant will work with you to find a solution in-line with your budget, lifestyle and desired results.

Online Consultations Are Available 

If you are unable to get to the salon online consultations are now available with Our Hair Boss Consultations via email, telephone and video conferencing. During the pandemic we were able to adapt our business model and use video conferencing to offer consultations online. Through the pandemic we carried out all our consultations online and helped over 700 clients customise their wigs. 

Our Hair Boss Consultants are experts in hair!

Our team of Hair Boss Consultants have spent their careers understanding and learning about hair, the scalp and hair loss solutions, as both qualified hairdressers and hair loss specialists. As hairdressers the team understands that your hair is your crown and glory and our vision is to ensure that you always feel like you. As all our hair boss consultants are qualified hairdressers they fully understand different face shapes, skin tones and how to guide you to your perfect piece. We know what will work for you and ensure you get  back to feeling beautiful. 

NHS Appointments

As an official NHS supplier, we’re also able to offer a great deal of advice regarding funding and the options you have available to you.

A Salon experience 

If you love to shop then it's way more fun trying on different pieces in our salons, which is not possible when purchasing online. Our Hair Boss Consultants will give you insider tips and tricks to make your new hair look and move like bio hair. 

Ethically sourced products

Many websites advertise human hair wigs at crazy low prices, however, the wigs may not be 100 percent human hair and are often mixed with synthetic or animal hairs, to drive down the price. At the Wonderful Wig Company we only sell ethically sourced pieces.  

Buying online is great once you know your size

We get it, for an experienced wearer you know your size, you know what suits you and you want the best price available. However, we do advise that if you are a new wearer then  a salon consultation would be the best thing you could do. 

What does the Wonderful Wig Company Offer? 

Wer offer a huge range of hair loss solutions,  wigs (synthetic and Human Hair), hair pieces, toppers, hair extensions,  headwear and hair integration systems. We also create bespoke human hair pieces, coloring, styling and shaping your wig to your exact requirements. 

We hope this helps. 

Thank You

Nicola 💋

For more information please visit: www.wonderfulwigs.co.uk 
Or contact us on
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