UPDATE: The following blog post was published in August 2018. We are adopting the 'This Is Me' campaign again this year for Alopecia Awareness Month 2019. 

When the song 'This Is Me' was referenced for about the millionth time (perhaps a slight exaggeration) in our closed Facebook group, we started to pay attention. 

The song, taken from the soundtrack to the musical The Greatest Showman, was already familiar to us. The soundtrack has been a hit in the Alopecia UK office since our Charity Managers, Jen and Amy, went to the cinema to watch The Greatest Showman in February. Both left the cinema in agreement at how good they thought the film was and how powerful the lyrics of one particular song were.  

But, as mentioned, it's not just the AUK Team who love this particular song and the statement it makes. Here are just a few* of the comments from some of our lovely Facebook group members: 

"Heard this song and was full of emotion. 'I'm not scared to be seen, I make no apologies. This is me'...and i'm proud to be me!" (Sam)

"OMG, I love this song. It makes me feel more confident on the days I am down." (Megan)

"That film, specifically the song 'This Is Me' is honestly part of what pushed me to 'come out' about my alopecia." (Emily)

"I think we should have this as our anthem. Great song for strong, beautiful people." (Angela)

"I watched it with my friend and when we came out of the cinema I took my wig off and threw it in the air singing 'This Is Me'! We were creasing with laughter although i'm not sure what everyone else thought! Lol." (Lyndsey)

"I just watched The Greatest Showman, after years of feeling 'different'. I found the film very moving and somewhat inspiring." (Marc)

"Having watched The Greatest Showman several times now, I love it and think this song is now my theme tune...'This Is Me'...I am me!" (Sam)

"As soon as I heard this song, it became my anthem." (Beverly)

And for anyone who hasn't listened to the song before, where have you been?! 

For we are glorious!! 

*honestly, there were many more comments of a similar nature. We've provided just a sample! 

Here it is: