Dear Alopecia,

Where do I begin?

You came into my life when I was 7, I couldn’t even pronounce your name. The first memory I have of you was when I saw hair floating around in my bath water. I never knew the journey which you would take me on, or how much you would impact my life. I do not know a life before you and your presence will forever be with me, reminding me of my struggles as a growing girl.

I saw hair as a way of femininity, of pride and joy, beauty and you stripped me of what I knew a girl to be. But since my journey began, I have realised that beauty comes from within. For a while you dulled my sparkle, popping my bubbly personality one bubble at a time - but I took the reins and I  steered my way through my childhood.

Though no one sees any physical scars, I will always carry the pain of the time you were in my life, even though you are not here with me right now.

Dear Alopecia, you do not determine who I am or my future. I will forever be grateful for what you have taught me and for shaping myself and who I am today. Thank you.

Lexi x