We caught up with one of our current fundraisers, Jon Milligan, to find out what he's doing to support Alopecia UK...

For your 40th birthday in March, you’ve embarked on a Birthday Fundraiser for Alopecia UK, what does it involve?

I've donated to various different charities over the years and made donations to Birthday Fundraisers that my friends have set up on Facebook. These fundraisers gave me the idea to set up my own donations page for my birthday, but as a bit of added motivation for my friends to maybe be inspired and donate, I thought I'd add a wee bit extra to the challenge and shave my head, to the skin, and keep it that way for the whole of February, until my birthday on March 15th.

It’s a big chop/shave to undergo. How long have you had long hair? 

I've had long hair for as long as I could fend my mum off from giving me "just a wee tidy up" (ruined/gone haha). I grew up in Livingston and as an inline skater, in love with metal and the rock scene, hair was important to me.

What prompted you to do this fundraising for Alopecia UK?

I have actually shaved my hair off before and that was for Alopecia UK too, way back in the mid 2000's. Growing up, I always said tae everyone that the only reason I'd chop my hair off was for charity, a good cause. The person who put me onto your organisation was a friend of mine called Craig. He hadn't been out in months, and back in the day we used to go out together on a weekend. One night, when he finally showed up, he had a skin-head, I went to see him and said "pretty hard core dude" thinking it was shaved by choice and he told me he had Alopecia. We sat in the hall of the club and talked about it and other things for the rest of the night. Later I told him I'd found the Alopecia UK, I was gonna cut my hair off to raise funds, he said "really? I'd really appreciate that" and we hugged.

How does it feel to go from having so much hair to having so little?

For me personally, going from having so much hair to so little is just a little bit freeing as 1. I no longer get strangled by by own hair in my sleep(!) and 2. when I have a shower, since its easy to wash my head, I'm in and out in 10 minutes instead of 27 - I know I've timed it - and 3. hair drying time  is now 0 with no brushing/styling/keeping. But apart from that I hate it. I don't feel right, I don't look like me and as soon as my birthday is here I will be letting it grow again. 

How will you be continuing your fundraising up until your birthday?

I will be wearing my Alopecia UK t-shirt as I walk around Edinburgh on my daily exercise. I have a collection bucket (on a long stick so not to break social distancing regulations) and will be happy to take any spare change from anyone who wishes to support. Also, I am hoping to sell the 18" of hair to a wig-making company and donate the sale price too. 

A HUGE thank you to Jon for taking the big chop for Alopecia UK, especially at such a frrrrrrreeeeeeezing time of year! Wishing Jon a very happy birthday when March 15th comes around!

We are extremely grateful for Jon's fundraising efforts. So far Jon has raised £375.00 for Alopecia UK. If you would like to support Jon's fundraising efforts, you can leave a donation below.