When I was diagnosed with alopecia areata, I was modelling full time and this became a massive shock to the system, because modelling was my sole income and at the time, with not really understanding Alopecia, I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. I struggled a lot with my mental health as it took such a huge toll on me.

My hair fell out more and more - at my worst I lost up to 70% of my body hair. Once I hit this mark, I went in a very dark place and I decided enough is enough, and that alopecia will not define me. I pushed myself out of the dark place by getting my health on track, speaking to friends/ family and even seeking help through a therapist. I’m honestly so glad I was brave enough to do this because it gave me hope and with a lot of determination and hope, I beat alopecia.

After suffering with the immune system disease for almost 3 years, it really did give me a new perspective on life. It made me realise that we are all not invincible and we can face tough challenges. It even made me start on a skincare business venture that I couldn’t of even imagine starting and I feel so grateful for this experience even though it was my hardest one yet, it gave me a new purpose and way of helping people who are currently in a situation I was once in. 

There’s a huge stigma on men talking about their mental health, and it’s hard to see more and more men suffering in silence. It is time we change that stigma and be more open about our feelings, because we are just human at the end of the day.

For anybody that is experiencing alopecia areata, just know that you are not alone, and I do hope that you be brave enough to seek help like I did, because once you take that first step, it becomes so much more easier, I promise you.