I have had alopecia, on and off, since I was 10-years-old. I am now 34. I went to bed as a 10-year-old with a full head of hair, I woke up the next morning with no hair, and it all in my bed. Somehow it all grew back after a year, and I thought nothing more of it. Albeit, when I was without hair, I had encountered a lot of school bullying during that time, with wigs ripped off my head. When I reached my mid-20s, the alopecia would come back during periods of high stress, but it was always concealable and grew back.

On one occasion I had Dermojet injections and again, it all grew back. In 2020,during the Covid pandemic (and possibly triggered by having a vaccination), I started rapidly losing my hair, and it did not respond to the Dermojet injections. I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t that bad, however I realised after taking a selfie how bad it had become. Battling crippling PTSD due to other situations in my past alongside this, I was at rock bottom. My confidence was shot. I didn’t want to leave the house, go on Teams calls at work, or anything. I felt I had no option but to brave the shave and shave what was left off. At the worst it was at about 95% hair loss. 

I had taken up photography as a hobby in lockdown and my photography friends encouraged me to get in front of the lens to try and get my confidence back. After point blank refusing for ages, I eventually conceded. It was a brilliant decision for me.

I have since been on the front cover of a national hair dressing magazine doing an article on hair loss, been interviewed on numerous radio stations and in the Guardian, have modelled for photography workshops, held studio days, and am now even considering tours. Surprisingly I’m loving art nude modelling the most. Modelling in itself is liberating, modelling nude is even more liberating…modelling nude and bald, is just so empowering!

Undoubtedly modelling has changed my life. I’m relishing the opportunity to inspire others and challenge societal beauty standards. I don’t wear wigs as I want to embrace the condition and make it more visible. I know changes in attitudes will take time and it won’t just be me that does it, but I’m loving the journey so far! Dare I say it, I don’t want my hair back now. However, I also now realise that hair (or lack of) does not define me and my self-worth.

Just remember, you’re beautiful!

You can follow my journey at @baldbraveandbeautiful on Instagram.