1st - 7th June is officially Volunteers' Week and here at Alopecia UK, we wanted to celebrate!
We already have a fantastic network of dedicated and skilled volunteers without whom we would be lost, so if you do currently, ever have or ever plan to volunteer with us - we thank you! 

Volunteering can have a wealth of benefits, not just for those you are supporting or for the charity but also for yourself. Here's what Elaine, Support Group Leader for Alopecia UK says about volunteering with us.

Are you new to volunteering? Here are the reasons we think volunteering with Alopecia UK is a great idea!

1. Volunteering makes us healthier

Volunteering can help to build your confidence and self-esteem, help with general mental health and believe it or not it can be good for your physical health too! To see United Healthcare's graphic on how volunteering can improve our health click here.

2. Career benefits

Volunteering is a great addition to a CV. It shows recruiters that not only do you have empathy for others but you can use your skills in a variety of situations.

3. Helps a cause you believe in 

Alopecia UK wouldn’t be able to do half of the things we’re able to do without our fantastic network of volunteers, many of whom have a personal connection to alopecia. By volunteering with us you help us to reach the length and breadth of the UK.

4. Build lasting connections

Many of our volunteers become an established part of the alopecia community. Creating friendships that last and help them in their own alopecia journey. Many attend our events year upon year which helps them to feel like a valued and appreciated part of the Alopecia UK team!

5. You could learn or develop a new skill 

Perhaps you want to brush up on your leadership skills or want to learn how to help run an event. You could become a support group leader or organise a charity fundraising event!

6. Or you could use your current skills or knowledge to benefit others 

Being a small team, we’re always looking for people with specialist skills, for example photography, graphic design or even make up, to help us with areas we can’t fulfil with our small staff team.

7. Volunteering helps you to empower others 

Many of our volunteers have themselves felt the benefit of being in touch with others with alopecia. They’ve either experienced or witnessed first-hand the difference that peer support can make to the lives of others. Not only does this help others, it can also help volunteers in their own alopecia journeys.

8. It allows you to make a direct impact 

Awareness of alopecia isn’t just going to happen; we have to make it happen. Living in a world where alopecia is more recognised and understood makes a greater community for all. By volunteering to attend or even organise your own awareness events helps us to spread that word.

9. New perspectives

With alopecia we can often focus on the negatives. Experiencing an appearance altering condition can be very challenging. Volunteering and meeting others can help to see the world through new eyes. You can start to see the positives and learn from the experiences of others, which in turn can help your own alopecia journey.

10. Warm fuzzy feelings 

Of course let’s not forget about the brilliant, warm, fuzzy feelings that can come from seeing a child with alopecia running around having fun, building confidence, meeting new friends and not even thinking about how others are perceiving them. Or talking to an adult who has not spoken to anyone about their hair loss in the many years they’ve had alopecia. Or helping to provide those with alopecia an opportunity to meet others who understand exactly what they’re going through. These are the wonderful situations you can experience by being part of our volunteer team.

11. We know we said 10 but the final reason we promise...

Volunteering is just super fun!!


By signing up to our volunteer newsletter, you will hear about any upcoming volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved! 
Additionally if you have any ideas for fundraising or awareness events you'd like to organise please feel free to contact us on [email protected]