Meeting dates:




Friday 14th September 2018


PUB QUIZ - Griff & Coton Sports Club, Heath End Lane, Nuneaton, CV10 7JQ

Saturday 29th September 2018


Community Hub (Top Floor - by the Cafe), John Lewis, Grand Central (New Street Station), Birmingham, B2 4AU

Saturday 24th November 2018


Community Hub (Top Floor - by the Cafe), John Lewis, Grand Central (New Street Station), Birmingham, B2 4AU

Extra meeting information:

Friday 14th September 2018 - Pub Quiz
Arrival for this is 7pm and the quiz will start at 8pm

Who can attend:

  • Those with all types of alopecia age 14 and over (male and female)
  • Friends/partners of those with all types of alopecia (accompanying someone with alopecia)
  • Parents of children with all types of alopecia

Please note that those age 14-17 must be accompanied by someone age 18 or over.  This group is not suitable for those under 14.  If you have a child under 14 and are looking for support please contact the separate Birmingham Children Support Group.

Contact details:

Marie Jenks / Hayley
Email: [email protected]
Marie and Hayley do not have a telephone number advertised but they are happy to receive a phone call and provide a listening ear at a time arranged via email.
They are also are happy to receive support questions from those in their local area and will answer to the best of their ability based on their own knowledge and experiences.
Please be aware that any questions they are unable to answer will be sent on to staff at Alopecia UK.

Marie and Hayley's links to alopecia: 

Marie's link with alopecia:
Marie has had alopecia since she was 24. It started as alopecia areata and her patches varied in size over a number of years. Later on it developed into alopecia totalis. For 16 years she chose to wear a wig to hide her condition. She made the decision to show all the world on her 40th birthday and has since spent every day wigless, only wearing a hat to protect her head from the sun or the cold and spreading awareness of alopecia. Although running the Birmingham group, Marie is actually from Coventry and travels into Birmingham to attend the meetings.

From Marie and Hayley:
"Welcome to the Birmingham & West Midlands Support Group. We meet every two months usually in Birmingham City Centre as this is the most central location for members of the group but accessible by public transport. Our members suffer from a variety of alopecia, some are new sufferers, and some have had the condition quite some time. Meeting up to talk, discuss ideas and support each other is valuable to helping members deal with their condition. We look forward to welcoming anyone that would like to attend our meetings. We can honestly say that after attending a meeting for the first time we always hear positive feedback about how good and useful it has been to meet other people that actually understand the condition."

Need Advice or Support Outside of the Group Meetings?
The main role of support group leads is to facilitate, and answer questions about, the group meetings.  Some may offer additional support and you can see what is on offer from Marie & Hayley in their contact details.

Please note that all of our support group leads are volunteers and do this in their spare time.  As such please allow up to a week for replies to emails.  The majority of group leads are not trained health professionals and will be helping from the standpoint of being someone who is affected by alopecia themselves and wanting to reach out and help others.

You can always contact Alopecia UK head office direct during office hours should you have any queries that need a more urgent response.

Suggestions, Comments, Compliments, Complaints?

If you have any 'Suggestions, Comments, Compliments or Complaints' about any of the Support Groups listed on the Alopecia UK website then you can let us know by clicking here. The information will be used by Alopecia UK to help us understand what works and what doesn't in order that we can support and advise group leads more effectively and develop the Alopecia UK support group network.