Supporting young people with alopecia; a resource for schools

Thank you for requesting the Alopecia UK Schools Pack and wanting to learn more about supporting young people with alopecia. By increasing awareness and improving understanding of hair loss, and the impact it can have in school, we hope that young people with alopecia can achieve their very best.

Our Schools Pack is designed to provide you with materials to deliver a fun and interactive learning experience, whilst helping young people understand what alopecia is.

Please select the appropriate pack for the age group you will be working with:

Schools Pack for ages 4 - 7 years

Schools Pack for ages 8 - 11 years

Schools Pack for ages 12 – 16 years

We recommend that you download the Schools Pack before using it. Each pack contains printable resources and links to online information so there will be times when you require an internet connection to access some of the resources such as Staff Training and Classroom Presentations. Due to the file size of the Schools Pack it is normally not possible to email the resource, for example if you wish to share it with colleagues. We recommend that you either
i) store the Schools Pack on a shared drive which all staff have access to or
ii) share the email you received from Alopecia UK which contains the link to this page.

If you have any questions or queries please contact [email protected]