Alopecia UK appeal with Jen Chambers

Hear our Charity Development Manager share more about her alopecia journey and explain why she believes you should donate to keep allowing us to do the work we do.Read more

Alopecia UK awareness event London 2014

See the fun we had in London raising awareness of alopecia.Read more

Alopecia UK community events

The work we do includes organising events to bring people with alopecia together. This video features footage from our previous events.Read more

Alopecia UK Liverpool Flashmob

Brave women facing their fears to raise awareness for alopecia. Alopecia UK awareness campaign. Stay to the end for the surprise twist!Read more

Alopecia UK trip to Alton Towers 2014

Some snippets from our day out at Alton Towers in 2014!Read more

Alopecia UK trip to Alton Towers 2015

Alopecia UK's second annual trip to Alton Towers for a day of awareness, support and fun!Read more

Alopecia UK trip to Alton Towers 2017

This video gives you a glimpse of what is a firm favourite in the Alopecia UK calendar - our annual trip to Alton Towers!Read more

Annoying things people have said to us about our alopecia

In this video we talk about the most annoying things people have said to us about our alopecia. #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

Can you catch alopecia?

In this video we find out if you can catch alopecia from someone. #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

Can you get wigs on the NHS?

In this video Amy covers the difficult topic of whether people are entitled to wigs on the NHS. #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

Common fears about having alopecia

In this week's video, Amy and Jen talk through the fears they have had about their alopecia. #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

Complementary therapies

In this video Jen talks about alternative therapies for alopecia. #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

Dealing with alopecia and physical exercise

We recieved a question from a school nurse about her young pupil and P.E. #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

Dealing with alopecia in the workplace

This was the first video created for the #askalopeciauk video project around how to deal with alopecia in the workplace.Read more

Experiences of wearing wigs

Jen discuss' both the difficulties and some of the more lighthearted situations around wearing wigs. #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

Experiences with GP's

Jen and Amy talk about their experience's with GP's. #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

'Get Talking' for Alopecia Awareness Month 2017

Alopecia UK's managers, Jen Chambers and Amy Johnson, in one of their radio interviews for Alopecia Awareness Month 2017Read more

How do you tie yours?

We asked, 'How do you tie yours?' #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

Husbands experience of alopecia

We hear from our chair of trustees Simon on his experience as a husband of someone with alopecia. #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

If family members are struggling with your alopecia

We talk about things that you can do if one of your family members or loved ones is struggling with your alopecia. #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

If your child is being bullied

We discuss the things that you can do as a parent if you find out your child is being bullied because of their alopecia. #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

Is it normal to have a sore scalp?

In this week's video, Amy answers a common question asked by those with alopecia areata: is it normal for my scalp to feel sore? #AskAlopeciaUKRead more

It's Only Hair Animation

Awareness video created by Emma Tarlo and Stacy Bias. "It's only hair but, when you don't have it, it can affect every aspect of your life"Read more

Most ridiculous alopecia moments

In this week's video Amy and Jen talk about their most ridiculous alopecia moments! #AskAlopeciaUKRead more