Children & Young People

YP Face IT is an interactive web-based self-help tool for young people aged 12-17, created by the Centre for Appearance Research, that is freely available for young people to use at home with supervision from a parent/guardian.

It has been designed in collaboration with young people to help you manage the psychosocial challenges associated with having a condition or injury that affects appearance.

YP Face IT will help you to learn new skills and will give you useful tips so you feel more confident about the way you look.

You'll learn how to deal with situations that you find upsetting or uncomfortable.

It will help you feel more comfortable meeting new people and being with friends, going to the shops or clubs, playing sport, going to school or college.

YP Face IT will also allow you to test out social situations that you might find difficult on the computer (like going out in public or responding to people who stare or ask questions about your appearance), so that you can practise how to manage them and increase your confidence before trying it out for real.

While you are completing YP Face IT, you will have access to your own personal journal that you can use throughout the programme to record your feelings, experiences and progress. This is an important and helpful part of the programme and you will be able to access your journal at any time. Feel free to express your feelings however you want.

You can also visit the YP Face IT discussion forum. This is a place where you can meet and socialise with other young people who have a visible difference. You can discuss any concerns you may have or offer support to others. The forum is also a place where you can talk about your experiences of using YP Face it, for example, any difficulties you might be having or what you particularly like about the programme.

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