Actress and author Caroline Ward, best known for her work on the screen in Rob Savage's 2020 cult classic horror film 'Host', has taken a change of direction and entered the world of children's literature with her debut book titled 'Whatever Trevor'. 

The book aims to shed light on the challenges and triumphs of living with alopecia, something that Caroline has herself. 'Whatever Trevor' was originally conceived as a personal project to share with her family. The story is a heartfelt one based on Caroline's own experience, and Caroline is also responsible for the book's fun and colourful illustrations! 

Caroline explains: "I initially wrote 'Whatever Trevor' as a way to share my own journey with alopecia with my family. As I saw how much it helped them to understand and support me, I realised that this story also has the potential to help others to find a new way to view and talk about their own alopecia experience as well. This is my first book, and I am so excited if not very nervous, to share it with the world."

The team at Alopecia UK have been lucky enough to read 'Whatever Trevor' and we think it's a brilliant story that discusses alopecia in a very positive way. We think it will not only be helpful to children with alopecia, but also their family and friends too. 

'Whatever Trevor' is available to purchase from the the official website now. 

Well done Caroline for creating such a fantastic new resource.