Hopefully this isn't goodbye.....

We hate to say goodbye but we will not be sending our email newsletter to you unless you have taken the following action: 

1. Find the newsletter sign up form at the bottom of our website. 

2. Enter your name and email. 

Job done!

Many of you will have heard that there are changes in Data Protection legislation coming very soon- GDPR as it's often referred. In a nutshell, it means that organisations cannot have your data (and thus contact you) unless the reasons for doing so meet particular criteria. This includes Alopecia UK. 

We are pressing the reset button on the charity. Our brand new website has coincided with the GDPR deadline and so we are starting afresh with our mailing lists; only taking forward those who want to be taken forward. As such, if you want to hear from Alopecia UK - about events, research, support groups, campaigns, general news, stories and more - PLEASE SIGN UP NOW!