If you do not normally wear a wig, you should not feel as though you should wear a wig for a job interview. If you normally have your alopecia visible to others, you should not feel the need to conceal your hair loss for a job interview.

If you are nervous that your interviewer may misunderstand your hair loss, possibly assuming you are unwell and/or undergoing medical treatment, you could consider a brief mention about your alopecia either in the interview (or before the interview). Perhaps something along the lines of:

“Just in case you were wondering about my appearance, I have no hair/I am missing some patches of hair because I have alopecia. It doesn’t affect my general health or ability to do the job”. 

If it would be helpful to speak to others with alopecia and how they have navigated nerves about job interviews, consider joining our private Facebook group and asking for the experiences of others.