September is always a special month for us because it’s Alopecia Awareness Month.  This September is extra special because it is our 15th Birthday as a registered charity.  As such, we bring you the #AUK15for15 Birthday Bonanza!

As part of our Birthday Bonanza we will:

  • Produce the ‘All About Alopecia’ Video Series consisting of 15 informative videos
  • Run a fundraising and awareness campaign aiming to raise a total of £15,000 by recruiting 100 ‘AUK Birthday Champions’!
  • Facilitate a ‘Live’ 15th Birthday Bash

Some more details:

All About Alopecia:  15 Videos

Keeping with our theme of #AUK15for15, we aim to pack as much as we can about alopecia into 15 videos.  The videos will include experts such as researchers and clinicians as well as lots of people with alopecia discussing their own experiences (the real experts!).  The videos will be released throughout September. 

£15,000 for 15 Years: AUK Birthday Champions Needed!

After a challenging few months, with the vast majority of the usual fundraising activities being cancelled because of Covid-19, it is especially important that we incorporate some fundraising into our September campaign this year.  Our small charity has made it to 15 years and, if we’re still needed to deliver Support, Awareness and Research, we want to be around for 15 more!  We have set a total fundraising target of £15,000 - £15,000 for 15 years! To hit our target will be a real team effort as we aim to recruit 100 ‘AUK Birthday Champions (ABCs)' to take on some fundraising and awareness throughout September.  Each AUK Birthday Champion will commit to:

  1. Sharing 15 posts about alopecia on their own social media, informing and raising awareness amongst family and friends
  2. Setting themselves a fundraising challenge involving the number 15
  3. Raising £150 for Alopecia UK

There you have it; ABC…easy as 123!

Alopecia UK ‘Live’ 15th Birthday Bash!

We are sad not to be seeing you at any of our usual events this year. But we’re not going to let Covid-19 stop us from celebrating our milestone birthday! We’re going to have a ‘Live’ 15th Birthday Bash and you’re all invited from the comfort of your own sofas! To keep with our theme of 15 for 15, we’ll be Live on our Facebook page for 150 minutes! (It needs to be 150 minutes as 15 minutes would barely give us time to cut the cake – there HAS to be cake, right?!) Our Birthday Bash is still in the planning stages but you can expect an evening of celebration, chat and fun. We’d love it if you could join us for the evening, grab a glass of something fizzy (Prosecco or pop!) and toast 15 Years of Alopecia UK! More details about our Birthday Bash will follow but keep your virtual diaries free for Thursday 24th September, 6.15pm.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, including Alopecia UK. More than ever before, we need the alopecia community (and those connected to it) to pull together to ensure the charity is here for as long as we are needed.

We’ve worked hard to build Alopecia UK to what it is today and we’ve achieved so much in our 15 years. We remain a small charity but we are proud of what we accomplish with our modest annual income. We want to continue pushing forward with our aims of Support, Awareness and Research so that we can continue to make the changes that those with alopecia really need. 

We need lots of you to sign up to become an ‘AUK Birthday Champion’!  We will send you a fundraising and awareness pack, by email, giving you all you need to get involved.  We will also be opening an #AUK15for15 Facebook Group so that our Champions can share fundraising ideas, as well as motivate and support each other as you share your own alopecia stories throughout the month!


Thank you,

Team AUK x