Tom Spencer

Tom is a popular YouTuber who produces videos under the name ‘Tomohawk’. He has over 125,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 64,000 followers on Twitter. Tom also has a separate YouTube channel called ‘Tomohawk Talks Alopecia’. Tom is a regular attendee at our annual Alton Towers event and is a keen advocate for greater alopecia awareness.

Tom’s story:

'I am a Yorkshire lad which is clear if you hear my accent in my YouTube videos! I knew nothing about alopecia until the age of 14 when I developed a small bald patch at the back of my head. I went to see my GP and they were unsure what it was but it soon grew back.

Later, at the age of 17, I developed the same bald patch as before. Once again my local GP was still unsure. This time it was different though. The hair loss didn’t stop and within just a month I had lost all the hair on my body and was given the diagnosis of ‘alopecia universalis’.

I then I undertook DCP treatment for one year at my local dermatology ward but with no success. At this point the doctor told me that my hair would never come back. This completely knocked my confidence.  It’s difficult news to be given at any age but at 18 years old I found it particularly tough. At the time I used to always wear a hat and never even let family members or friends see me without my hat on.

But then one day I had enough of feel upset and went into work without a hat on. I also started socialising without my hat. It was REALLY difficult at the time but honestly by forcing myself to do that it was the best thing I have ever done. It really helped me to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Now I want to use what I have learnt and been through to help others with alopecia. I already use my YouTube platform to promote alopecia awareness and educate people about alopecia. Awareness is a big part of what I do but I am also keen to give some understanding to those without alopecia, explain what it is like, so that they are not so quick to judge others.

I am excited to be an ambassador for alopecia UK because I am very passionate about the charity and helping others with alopecia. I have attended each of their annual trips to Alton Towers and I’m thrilled that some of my followers have been generous enough to fundraise for Alopecia UK. I am keen to be a role model to others, particularly young lads with alopecia, because when I was losing my hair I wish I had someone else I could of speak to, to help me cope with the change.'

Alopecia does not make you the person that you are. It's all up to you. Aim high. There is no reason you can't achieve anything you want to!