Full title of study: The social dynamics of facial appearance

Type of study: PhD research study

Institution: University of Glasgow 

Location: Online survey 

Added: 3rd February 2021

Closing date: December 2021 

Who can take part: Anyone aged 18 or over who identifies as having a ‘visible facial difference’ - any condition/characteristic that affects the facial appearance, e.g. hair loss from eyebrows.

Study Details: The research investigates the everyday experiences of those living with a temporary or permanent ‘visible facial difference’ (e.g. hair loss, genetic facial difference, facial burns or scars), with focus on the services or organisations that may provide ‘treatment’ or different kinds of support to those affected (e.g. cosmetic procedures, organisational support groups).


You can view the Participant Information Sheet here.

To take part please complete the survey here.

For further details please contact Kerry Gillespie at: [email protected]