Firstly, acknowledging the values, support and hard work carried out by alopecia UK in the support given to its community, in working to improve people lives affected by alopecia. Alex at Replokate also works alongside the same ethos, with clients, suffering with all types of hair, loss conditions, with having male pattern baldness himself from early age, can relate to his clients on many levels. Having trained with the founders of SMP, working in Harley Street, Birmingham, and now the Southwest is a fully certified and accredited practitioner and clinic, with some eight years of specialising solely in scalp micro pigmentation, with a background as a trained fine art artist for 20 years brings his talent and professionalism to the industry. Scalp, micro pigmentation is a process of different pigment tones, built up in layers with a micro needle dispensing micro sized dots of information into the dermis layers of the skin, similar to tattooing, but with a few key differences, pigment type used and application. SMP requires a number of sessions to build up safely the correct tones required, this can vary but guides are 2-3, sessions with Areata and 3-4 with Totalis, with results staying on track throughout the process. Alex at Replokate works closely with each client to achieve the realism required, working with your natural hair line positions, so when clients have regrowth, then serves to compliment further, keeping hair and hair regrowth at the optimum lengths is also key to better managed outcomes. SMP if correctly guided, can last for years with clients needing a refresh session every 4–6 years. Having a friendly chat with a specialist like Alex, directly is the first step, consultations are free with no obligation, and with many options, either in clinic, by phone or direct messaging, Alex then works closely to create a tailored treatment plan which covers time required and costs given you the appropriate answer needed when considering scalp, micro pigmentation.

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