Who am I?

I’m Alopecia UK’s Volunteer and Resource Manager and I joined the charity in October 2019. I live in leafy Surrey and I am thrilled to be working within such a fantastic team. Before joining the AUK Team, I have worked in the third and public sectors and look forward to bringing my experience in events, training and project management to my new role.

How did I get involved with Alopecia UK?

Throughout my adolescence, I would have short periods of diffuse shedding (telogen effluvium). It would usually happen once or twice a year, lasting only a few weeks each time. After I finished university in 2015, I noticed my hair was falling out more than this usual pattern, and I found my first small bald patch. The Alopecia UK website became a huge source of information (and reassurance) for me. At the moment, I have almost complete regrowth, and ironically it wasn't until I started working for AUK that my usual periods of diffuse shedding stopped (for the moment at least). One thing that hasn’t changed though is my passion for wanting to support people and families affected by alopecia.

After one of my usual dives through the website, I noticed the charity was looking for a new member of the team based in the South. Having an event management and community support background I submitted my application and kept my fingers and toes crossed. Well, the rest they say is history- #ThisIsMe.

What are my hopes for Alopecia UK?

My hope is Alopecia UK will continue to grow and develop; I want the charity to become a household name within the sector. I feel a lot of people still misunderstand alopecia, in all its forms. I remember feeling scared when I would find large hair-bunnies (like dust-bunnies but hairier!) on the carpet. I would love to play a part in helping others get the support they are looking for. The charity has already accomplished so much, and I can’t wait to build on this success for the future. Let’s get to it!