About Julie:

Julie is Alopecia UK's Research and Liaison Manager. She lives in Bristol with her husband and 3 children and their very energetic collie called Chip who makes sure that they have regular games of chase in the local parks and woods. Julie also enjoys swimming (outdoors in the summer months), camping, live performances (theatre, music, comedy) and reading.

Julie's background: 

Before joining Alopecia UK in February 2021, Julie had a varied background of working in autoimmunity research followed by science publishing, TV science documentaries, and work as a science journalist and editor, including for the national parenting charity NCT. In 2017 she joined the University of Bristol to promote partnerships for dementia research and services, working with charities such as Alzheimer’s Society, BRACE and local Dementia Action Alliances, and to support public involvement in primary care research including on the management of childhood eczema.

Julie's role at Alopecia UK brings together many of her skills in networking, stakeholder engagement, science communication, grants management and general curiosity and enthusiasm for new research ideas.

Julie at Alopecia UK: 

Julie manages and promotes Alopecia UK’s portfolio of research, funded generously by donations and legacies, to try to understand better the causes of alopecia, and develop new avenues for treating and dealing with alopecia. This includes working with external scientific networks and organisations as well as with our Research Committee and Lay Panel, to invite and select the best research grant applications. She is also liaising with our grant holders to report back and inform Alopecia UK’s supporters about their progress. Her role also includes representing Alopecia UK at research conferences and events, and creating material for our website and newsletters.

Why Alopecia UK?

"This was a great opportunity to bring my skills together around alopecia as a health condition that can have such deep psychological and emotional effects, at the same time as raising important questions about underlying biology. I don’t have alopecia but I do know some of what it feels like to lose self-confidence and feel anxious, and I would like to support others in finding the best solutions for them. Not to mention the chance to work with such a passionate and dedicated team as you see featured on these webpages!”

Julie's favourite inspirational quote:

There's power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice, and there's grace in being willing to know and hear others (Michelle Obama)