As part of our 'Go the Distance' challenge this Alopecia Awareness Month, we are encouraging you to join a parkrun on Saturday 28th September 2024 to raise awareness and funds for Alopecia UK. 

Get ready to run, jog, or walk your way round the free 5k route, whether you pick a parkrun in your local park or further afield. 

The Alopecia UK team (see details in table below) will be joining parkruns across the country on 28th September and will be wearing their blue Alopecia UK t-shirts to raise awareness. 

We would love to encourage others in our community to join a parkrun on the same day as we round-off Alopecia Awareness Month 2024.

What is parkrun?

Parkrun is a 5km run that takes place every Saturday in parks right across the UK. It's free to enter and, best of all, you can go at your own speed, as people of all ages, shapes and sizes take part each week. Everyone is welcome and it's all about enjoying the camaraderie of running, jogging, or walking together. 

How do I join a parkrun?

Parkrun is free to register and you only need to do it once to get a barcode to get race results linked to your account. You then use the same barcode at any future parkruns. To get your barcode, register on the parkrun website here

Important to note

Alopecia UK is not affiliated with parkrun in any way. It is possible for anyone to join a parkrun and use parkruns to raise awareness and funds for any charity of their choice (you often see many parkrunners wearing different charity t-shirts!) but Alopecia UK has no official relationship with parkrun. You must not ask for donations at a parkrun event. If you do decide to join a parkrun to raise awareness and funds this September, we encourage you to set up an online fundraising page to support Alopecia UK. 

Which parkruns are the Alopecia UK staff team taking part in on Saturday 28th September 2024?
AUK team member Team role Location of parkrun Plans
Sue Schilling CEO Macclesfield parkrun, Cheshire Run 5k, stay for coffee & chat
Amy Johnson Communications Manager Lister Park parkrun, West Yorkshire Walk/jog 5k, stay for coffee & chat
Matt Small Finance & Ops Manager Lister Park parkrun, West Yorkshire Run 5k, stay for coffee & chat
Niels Bootsma Research & Liaison Manager Edinburgh parkrun, Scotland Run 5k, stay for coffee & chat
Jen Davies Support Coordinator Edinburgh parkrun, Scotland Walk 5k, stay for coffee & chat
Katie Boyd Volunteer Manager Stirling parkrun, Scotland Walk 5k, stay for coffee & chat
Isabel Bailey Events Manager Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun, Kent Run 5k, stay for coffee & chat
How can I get involved in raising awareness and funds for Alopecia UK this September?

We are hoping that lots of people in our community sign up to be Charity Champions this September. We have a Charity Champion pack that we can email to you, including lots of ideas for getting involved this Alopecia Awareness Month. Taking part in a parkrun on 28th September could be the only thing you do in September, or it could be the way you round-off a month of other activities. And if you decide to do some fundraising for Alopecia UK, we will send you an Alopecia UK t-shirt once you've got your fundraising page up and running. To get more information about being a Charity Champion, please sign up here

How can I find if anyone else in the alopecia community is joining my local parkrun?

We have set up a private Facebook group just for this event so that people can connect with others and perhaps find out if anyone else is coming to your local parkrun. With there being so many parkrun events across the UK, it may be that you do not connect with another person in your area. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the level of interest and we are a small community of people. It is still worth attending on your own, and experience tells us that if you are in a large group of people with an Alopecia UK t-shirt on, there is a good chance someone will stop you for a chat. All good for awareness. You can find our Facebook group here

Loads of people do parkruns every week, I don't think my family and friends will sponsor me to do a 5k...

Don't be so sure, especially if you've not supported Alopecia UK before. Remember, those around us want to show their support. If you explain why it's important to you to support Alopecia UK, the chances are that your friends and family will be keen to help. And please don't underestimate what small pots of fundraising mean to a small charity like Alopecia UK. We've always said, whether someone can raise £50 or £500, all amounts are gratefully received and make a huge difference to our small charity. Fundraisers often share their surprise with us about the amount of support they've received. Remember, fundraising for Alopecia UK is not compulsory, but it is very much appreciated. 

Thanks for your support. If you have any questions or need any advice, get in touch at [email protected]