In year 11 just before my 16th birthday my hair began to fall out very rapidly. It worsened during the holidays and I had to hide my head at school under a hat in fear of people finding out. I would later discover I had Alopecia Areata.
At the start I was so scared as I didn’t know anything about Alopecia. Feeling so alone I found myself shutting myself out to everyone around me. Years later I still have hair loss and now wear wigs. Alopecia UK have been amazing through the years providing information and support for what I was going through as well as linking me up to a massive community of people going through exactly the same experience as me, making me feel so much less alone.
From advice on choosing wigs, to the inevitable repairs, or simply just some reassurance that everything is in fact okay this community has been the biggest help in me start to overcome my extreme confidence issues. Thanks to AlopeciaUK I now feel so much more confident about being public about my own hair loss instead of fearing it as some type of taboo subject.
This is why it would mean so much to me to help them reach their fundraising total for their birthday.

Samantha Garrett