Hi All,

This is my funding page for the Alopecia UK #AUK15for15 campaign to raise funds for Alopecia UK's 15th birthday this month.

I developed Alopecia Areata about 2 years ago, it started with a small patch about the size of a 5p piece at the back of my head that I could ignore and I did for a while. September last year a similar sized patch appeared at the front of my head and then more appeared and merged. Now I think my hair loss is about 20-25%.

I feel quite fortunate as I've worn my hair very short pretty much since I was 18 (I'm now 40) so I've found it more annoying at points than anything else. That being said I have a better understanding of how much it can impact peoples lives especially those who have other forms of Alopecia like Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis.

My main reason for getting involved with this campaign (apart from helping to raise money to help others) is that I want to raise awareness and hopefully do my little bit to normalise the condition. When I first put it on my social media that I had Alopecia I was surprised at the number of people I knew who had had it to some degree and hadn't want to say or be open about it. I thought it was a real shame so here I am being open about it to help encourage others and hopefully remove any stigma around it.

Alopecia UK is a small charity working to improve the lives of those affected by alopecia. The charity has aims around Support, Awareness and Research.

Alopecia UK relies on the support of fundraisers and donors to continue the fantastic work it does.

Thank you for supporting me with my fundraising efforts to help make people more aware of Alopecia and hopefully help to normalise it. I really appreciate your support and so does Alopecia UK! Rhoda Thomson