I am fundraising for Alopecia UK because I have been suffering from Alopecia since I was around 10 years old.

To help reach the target I need your support! I'll be doing a challenge, to meditate for 15 minutes every day for 15 days. This is something I find really hard: I refuse to do anything on a daily basis especially if it's about self care. I guess Alopecia has impacted so much on how I value myself, I feel like I don't deserve to look after myself! Easy to say but it's been so hard for me in the recent years to break the habit. So raising this money I know it's an important goal for which I will fight against me will power!

When I was diagnosed I didn't have any support growing up and it has left huge dents in my life and confidence... I didn't know anyone who also had alopecia, I was lonely and felt completely singled out, like I didn't fit with society, like I was carrying a burden no one else could understand...

It's only hair, isn't it?

But when I came to the UK and I met other people with Alopecia thanks to Alopecia UK, finally I felt understood, not on my own, and learned all the different aspects of this difficult illness.

Thanks to hearing all sort of different experiences though the charity I was able to get stronger, help and advice others who might have started the journey. I knew there was always someone out there who could hear me out and know my pain.

I have met ladies who have inspired me and gave me enough confidence for the first time this summer to go out in public back in Italy (where I got endlessly bullied as a child) without a wig, by wearing a turban, a massive step ahead in my acceptance journey.

I hope the charity can still help anybody else out there, especially kids, who need this support. It's invaluable. Help them make this happen by donating today!

Morena Fiore