My lovely, incredible mum was diagnosed with alopecia 20 years ago and it has got progressively worse and worse and now on her 65th birthday she wants to take back control and cut it all off!!! In solidarity with her I am shaving my head and why not seize the opportunity to raise some money for this incredible charity as well that provides support and awareness for people suffering with alopecia just like her!

I’m lucky enough that my hair will grow back but unfortunately there are many people in the UK for whom that is not the case. Please give generously for this cause that is close to my heart and show the world beauty and strength comes from within.

Thank you so much for your support and generosity and say goodbye to our locks!

Donations under my name = cash I’ve received from these people (thank you!):
Luke Smith
Monsieur Ishwar
Priya Patel Appleby

Jess Cuthbert