Bonnie is raising money for Alopecia uk’s 15th birthday. #AUK15for15
Bonnie finds strength from spreading awareness of Alopecia and supporting the charity.
We have had so much support for Bonnie since she was diagnosed with Alopecia 18 months ago from family, friends and Alopecia uk.
She was only 7 when we noticed the first patch of missing hair. We didn't realise that she would lose all her hair. But the courage, strength and bravery she has shown has inspired so many others and i am in awe of her every day.
she has fully accepted Alopecia and isn't bothered if she has hair or not. She wants to continue fundraising and helping the charity and attend their events and meet others with the same condition.

please show your support and donate to Bonnies fundraiser. she aims to do 15 different challenges. so far she has thought of:
1) Smartie challenge - she has already handed out 15 tubes to 15 different friends
2) Sowerby bridge snails running half marathon and donating to Bonnies page. Amazing
3) 15 chores has been completed £15 from mum
4) candle raffle by Aunty Hayley made £55 for the fundraiser there were 15 prizes won.
5) wash 15 cars £5 per car
6) cake sale - this is coming and we hope is a success
7) Raffle - 15 prizes donated by local shops and cafes
8) taste challenge 15 different foods £15 from grandma
9) milk bottle top Raffle - friend to take to school
10) school class to wear blue and pay £1
15) Wendy Pullan