Alopecia became part of our family in October 2019 when our 12 year old daughter discovered a bald patch. Within 3 months that 50p size patch had advanced to full hair loss on her scalp. Whilst she had the joy of patchy regrowth, she has sadly started to lose that too. As a parent of a child with Alopecia, it really knocks you sideways, as the cruelty of the condition is that there is no known cure, and what may help one person may not help another. You feel utterly helpless.

Alopecia UK have been a constant support to us all with support groups for Isobel and forums and groups to help support us as parents. They work tirelessly to fundraise, not only supporting those with the condition, but also research into the causes of Alopecia which may lead to more effective treatments in the future.

Our daughter has faced the challenges of Alopecia with strength and resilience far beyond her years. We could not be more proud of her.

I have set myself a challenge to walk 15,000 steps a day for 15 days during September. So if you can spare a pound or two to help me reach my fundraising target I would be immensely grateful. And for those where finances may not be available, if you could help to spread awareness of the condition and the work of this amazing charity, that would be awesome! Whilst the condition may not be life threatening, it is life changing, both physically as well as mentally. Emma Ward