AUK Hoodies & T-shirts!

The main thing that helps this whole trip be a success is power in numbers – knowing that you are not the only one there with alopecia and that there are lots of supportive family and friends in the park who know all about alopecia. This leads to a supportive atmosphere in the park.  The only way we can know there are so many of us in the park (currently just over 300 of us!) is by seeing each other.  As such we all wear the blue Alopecia UK t-shirts and hoodies so we can stand out and easily spot each other and know we are all part of the Alopecia UK trip.  In 2015 it was a bit chilly and so some people put their t-shirts UNDER their jackets.  This makes it really difficult to know you are part of the Alopecia UK group.  If you are a bit nervous and don’t feel comfortable having your t-shirt on show – that is totally fine.  But for everyone else – please do wear them so we can see them!  Also, you will need them on show to get in the Hospitality Suite which is the room we have this year.  If you do not have a t-shirt or hoodie we will have some for sale on Saturday morning but it will be first come first served (we can not reserve or take pre-orders at this late stage I’m afraid).