Join Alopecia UK's Research and Liaison Manager Julie Clayton as she is joined by guests Professor Des Tobin and Professor Simon Milling for our hour-long webinar 'Getting to the roots of alopecia areata' (hosted on Zoom). This webinar is part of our 'Research Week' in Alopecia Awareness Month 2021. 

Julie, Des and Simon will be aiming to answer the following questions:

- What do we know about alopecia areata?

- What causes alopecia areata?

- What is happening in alopecia areata research and what is on the horizon?

The ticket price for this webinar is £10, with every pound of the ticket fee helping Alopecia UK to improve the lives of those affected by alopecia through aims of Support, Awareness and Research. 

This webinar is the fifth of a series of six webinars being held in Alopecia Awareness Month 2021. We are offering half of our webinars free of charge and half for a price of £10 per person. Head back to our main Alopecia Awareness Month page to find out about all the webinars on offer this September. 

If you are interested in alopecia areata treatments and research, you may also be interested in our 2nd Research Week webinar 'Treatments and Alopecia Areata' at 1pm on Thursday 23rd September.

Please note: an unedited recording of this webinar will be shared with everyone who has registered for a ticket for the event and will be available for 30 days. The recording will not be available elsewhere.

Our host: 

Dr Julie Clayton

Julie is Alopecia UK's Research and Liaison Manager. Before joining Alopecia UK in February 2021, Julie had a varied background of working in autoimmunity research followed by science publishing, TV science documentaries, and work as a science journalist and editor. Julie's role at Alopecia UK brings together many of her skills in networking, stakeholder engagement, science communication, grants management and general curiosity and enthusiasm for new research ideas.

Our guests: 

Professor Des Tobin

Des is a Professor of Dermatological Science at University College Dublin. Previously he was Professor of Cell Biology and Director of the Centre for Skin Sciences at University of Bradford. Over the past 25+ years he has researched skin/hair sciences, with a focus on the regulation of hair growth in health and disease especially those conditions with an immune-medicated basis, and on the biology of human melanocytes/pigmentation in health and disease.

Professor Simon Milling

Simon is a Professor of Immunology at the University of Glasgow and is the Chair of Alopecia UK’s Research Committee. Simon received his PhD in Immunology from Imperial College, London and took up a position as lecturer in immunology in Glasgow in 2007. The work in his lab focuses on the biology of antigen presenting cells in the intestine and how these cells respond to infectious or inflammatory stimuli. The aim of this work is to understand the vital roles that antigen presenting cells play in the pathology of inflammatory diseases, including alopecia.

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