These caps are the first of their kind, designed to create the perfect, practical and comfortable solution, which the hair loss community has long been waiting for!

Composed of a sporty baseball cap, that is fixed securely in place via an attachment to a breathable, stretch-fabric underlayer. This connected headwear system prevents the cap from lifting off your head, covers any exposed scalp and offers all day long comfort, using high-quality, soft-cotton fabrics.

This means, we no longer need to live in fear of those dreaded windy days!!..Hello cliff top walks!..Hello beach holidays with that mischievous sea breeze!..Hello contact group sports!...Goodbye itchy wigs unfit for physical activity!..Goodbye tension headaches!..And goodbye to my fears.

We all love wigs, but let’s face it, they get hot, heavy and who doesn’t rip them off their head and scratch the moment they walk through the door?

What I love the most about this solution is that I get to express my new found style in a way that suits me, doesn’t feel like I’m trying to cover up, and yet, doesn’t look as if I’ve lost my hair particularly either. They’re a new kind of style and they're adaptable to suit you. Be that in muted undertones, or sparkling bright colours with bells and whistles on..(minus the bells and whistles part..although this would make quite the fashion statement!)

In all seriousness, they’ve really helped me find my confidence, I feel pretty when I’m wearing them and I don’t worry about people looking at me. Embrace the new you, and continue to be the beautiful, brave warriors that you all are. Your stories amaze me, and I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful community.

Thank you, spread the love <3




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