Help Alopecia UK and save yourself some money too! 

We have introduced a new AUK Cardholder Scheme giving cardholders access to many discounts on offer in our new and improved Service Directory, as well as discounts for Alopecia UK events.

50% OFF for 2018 - Just £10! 

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We hope many of you will help us get our new scheme off the ground. If it's successful, we plan to develop it further to hopefully include a magazine for Cardholders filled with additional offers and competitions. 

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Cardholder FAQs

Why has Alopecia UK introduced a Cardholder Scheme? 

Historically, Alopecia UK operated a membership scheme whereby, in return for a small annual payment, a membership card was issued. This was introduced at a time when Alopecia UK was run entirely by volunteers. It subsequently became too much work for the volunteer team to administer. 

In early 2018, we decided to reintroduce this idea as a Cardholder Scheme. This is partly due to requests from the suppliers who offer discounts via our Service Directory. Business owners wish to only offer discounts to those who they know are supporting Alopecia UK. We also hope that by reintroducing a Cardholder Scheme, we can create a stream of regular income that can be used towards our aims of support, awareness and research.

Why is it called a Cardholder Scheme and not a Membership Scheme? By purchasing an AUK Card, am I a member of Alopecia UK? 

Many of our supporters and followers consider themselves to be members of the charity but Alopecia UK is not a membership charity. As a charity we are committed to having information, support and advice free at the point of access and available to all. We never want to have separate offerings for members and non-members. However, we want to work with businesses to create a comprehensive Service Directory that will be an invaluable resource to many with alopecia, and we'd like to pass on a few perks in the form of discounts to those of you supporting the Cardholder Scheme!

If I choose not to become an AUK Cardholder, can I still access the information, support and advice available? 

Yes, you do not need to become an AUK Cardholder to access our support services. You can still attend our support groups, contact the charity team and access all areas of our website. You will just not have access to the discounts and special offers available to AUK Cardholders.

When does the AUK Cardholder Scheme year run until? 

The AUK Cardholder Scheme runs from 1st February to 31st January. You will need a new card each Cardholder Scheme Year. Whether you join in June or December, your card will expire on 31st January and you will be asked to purchase a further card the following year. You may wish to bear this in mind when considering whether to join. You may wish to wait until the following years cards are available to purchase. Or if you are making an expensive purchase with a supplier who offers a discount to AUK Cardholders, it might be that the savings far outweigh the cost of the card in which case you might wish to purchase a card even if the Cardholder year is about to end. 

How do I claim an AUK Cardholder discount? 

If a Service Directory supplier offers discounts to AUK Cardholders, this can be obtained by simply showing a participating supplier your AUK Card. If a participating supplier is an online retailer, you will need to use the discount code provided to you in your joining letter. 

What happens if I lose my AUK Card? 

Please keep your AUK Card safe. If you lose it, we are able to issue a replacement card but there will be an admin charge payable of £10. Please email us at [email protected] to request a replacement card. 

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