At Artist’s Point, we offer a range of treatments for pattern baldness, alopecia, scar camouflage, thinning hair and density treatment. All of the treatments use a process called 'Scalp Micropigmentation'. The process uses medical-grade pigments to create the appearance of a short-shaved hairstyle reducing shine and adds density to hairstyles that may be thinning. Artist's Point clinic is a fully certified (Level 4), licensed, insured SMP clinic in Willenhall near Wolverhampton.

Alopecia areata also known as spot baldness is a condition that causes hair loss at any age. This can be permanent or temporary. Another form of alopecia is traction alopecia, this is where the hair is pulled and causes loss in areas. Alopecia totalis is the loss of all hair on the head and face. SMP can be used for people with all types of alopecia. Patches can be camouflaged if the remaining hair is kept short. A hairline can be created, and SMP can be used to cover the head area where hair growth would be expected.

Hi, my name is Matt from Artist's Point. I am the Lead Artist, owner and founder. I will be your single point of contact, this is a one to one service from start to finish. I have a wealth of life experience, having served in the Royal Marines and continued to help others as a Physical Training Instructor. I understand the importance of improving self esteem and mental wellbeing. I pride myself in my ability to make clients feel at ease, understand their concerns and expectations and delivering a treatment that exceeds the clients satisfaction. My SMP journey started after having suffered from pattern baldness in my early twenties. I've undergone SMP treatment to rectify this and never looked back. I now have a natural looking hairline that suits my age, complexion and can say I am extremely happy with the results. Prices can vary depending on individual cases and would be discussed during the consultation.

If you require further information regarding our treatments or would like to book a consultation please get in touch using our contact booking form. I will look forward to meeting you. Matt Jarrott

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