We’re very excited to announce the launch of our Animation Workshop Series in collaboration with Young Animators Club!

What is it?

A series of tutorials to teach you the skills to become a Young Animator!

An opportunity to help us create an animation video to feature in our Alopecia UK School Pack. This is your chance to tell schools all the things you wish they knew about alopecia!

OR you can join in just to have fun and try something different!

Aimed at ages 5 – 16 years (younger children may need some help from a parent) and the tutorials are split into four parts. This enables each young person to work through the tutorials at their own pace. 

If you want your drawings to be included in our school pack animation please send them in before Monday 2nd November 2020 (details of how/where to send in can be found on the video!). We won’t be able to include any drawings into the school pack sent after this time.

However, you don’t need to send your drawings in – you can just do the tutorials for fun!

What do I need?

The video series references a pack which you can download here 

Tutorial 1: Building characters worksheet

Tutorial 2: What is Alopecia

Tutorial 3: Alopecia is not contagious (germs worksheet)

Tutorial 4: Talking about alopecia

You will also need:

  • A Pencil (ideally a mechanical pencil)
  • A Fine Pen

These videos are a great thing to do over the weekend or over half-term and we really hope you enjoy taking part!

Find all the Animation Workshop videos here