About Ally

Ally is the first friend finding app exclusively for people with Alopecia.

Ally's aim is to make finding allies easier than ever before, for people that are experiencing hair loss.

Why was Ally created?

Ally's Founder, Nichola McAvoy, has had Alopecia for 15 years and can thank her close friendship with someone who also has Alopecia too, for making it through the tough times. 

Ally was launched on 1st October 2018. Nichola wants everyone to have the opportunity to make the same important friendships.

How does Ally work?

Ally are committed to building a supportive global peer network. Another aim is to raise awareness of Alopecia and help people through the psychological challenges that come with it. 

Ally is a Social Enterprise, operating in Manchester, UK.

Website: https://www.allyapp.org/

Email: [email protected]