2021 AUK VIP Card

Please note, currently due to the staff team working from home, postage of shop items will only take place once a week on Wednesdays.

If you’re an Alopecia UK VIP you can benefit from discounts offered by AUK Service Directory businesses! You can find out about the discounts offered by participating businesses* on their individual Service Directory listing pages.

We will also have exclusive prize draws for AUK VIPs throughout the year with prizes offered by AUK Service Directory businesses. As well as discounts and prize draws, AUK VIPs also receive unlimited amounts of warm, fuzzy feelings from knowing that they have supported the charity’s work by becoming an AUK VIP.

*If for any reason a business who has advertised a discount does not then give you the discount we ask that you please let us know so that we can investigate further. Please note, not all Service Directory suppliers offer discounts but most do! 

Please note, the 2021 AUK VIP Card expires on 31st March 2022. This is regardless of when you purchase the card. Having a single expiry date for all VIP cards helps our small staff team keep admin time to a minimum so that we can focus on other charitable activities. 

Entitles holder to:

Any discounts offered from Service Directory suppliers 

Entry into any exclusive prize draws Alopecia UK may offer to VIPs throughout the year

Unlimited warm fuzzy feelings by doing your bit for a small charity by being one of our VIPs!

For further details about the AUK VIP Card, please read the FAQs here