Alopecia UK are facilitating two online Zoom sessions for young people with alopecia age 13-18. 

These meetings are the result of feedback and input from our Youth Voice Board as to what young people would find helpful to cope with their alopecia. 

What should I expect from an online meeting?

At the beginning of each meeting you will be introduced to our Youth Voice Board members in attendance (who all have different forms of alopecia themselves) and Alopecia UK staff member Naomi (who also has alopecia areata, but is sadly no longer classed as a young person at 29!) 

We will make you feel welcome and run through some basic housekeeping. 

If our meeting is busy enough, we may split up into smaller breakout rooms so you won’t be speaking to a large group of people at once.

There will then be the opportunity to chat to and listen to other young people affected by hair loss. The aims of these meetings are to be kept quite loose, we intend for them to be informal and friendly, just an opportunity to chat to other young people with alopecia and get to know each other and know you are not alone.

There will be no pressure to talk about hair loss (or anything for that matter!) We are simply happy to see where the conversations lead us. If you would like to you can ask questions, answer questions, receive advice, give advice and hopefully come away from the meeting feeling more confident about your alopecia. 

We know that it can be nerve-wracking to meet people for the first time. Some attendees of our initial online meetings have told us they felt nervous logging-on but were very glad they joined. If anyone is feeling particularly nervous about joining a meeting, feel free to contact Naomi in advance and we can try to reduce any nerves you may have.

If these meetings go well and are a welcomed addition to the support and resources that Alopecia UK provide we hope to offer more in 2022.

How do I join a meeting?

You will need to complete a Zoom registration form for each meeting you wish to join. You will be asked a few questions about yourself and the type of alopecia you have. It helps us to know who is joining each session. You also need to read our meeting rules. These will be sent to you prior to joining the meeting but you can read them here too. Having rules ensures the meeting is a safe and supportive environment for all. 

Please note, these meetings are for young people with alopecia age 13-18 only and are not suitable for:

Upcoming meetings available for registration now:

Wednesday 8th December 2021: 7.30pm - Register here