We are delighted to announce that Alopecia UK has recently been awarded funding from the Vocational Training Charitable Trust Foundation (VTCTF) for a collaborative project with our colleagues at the Centre of Appearance Research (CAR) to examine the impact of alopecia on men.

At Alopecia UK, we want to support as many people affected by alopecia as we can. Whilst at the initial point of contact with individuals phoning and emailing into the charity it is a mix of genders in touch with us, we have noticed that few men continue to engage with the additional support options on offer from the charity. To add to this, there is very little research exploring the impact of alopecia on men’s wellbeing even though we know from speaking to men that it can have a big impact.

Nick Sharratt and Fabio Zuchelli are two experienced researchers from CAR who will be looking at how alopecia affects men’s wellbeing in order to understand which types of support might be beneficial. Alopecia UK will be supporting Nick and Fabio with recruitment of participants along with implementing new support resources once we have the results of the research.

This project is something that Alopecia UK has wanted to do for a long time and, thanks to our friends at CAR and the generous financial support from VTCTF, we are now in a position to make it happen.

We will post more details as the project develops. In particular we will provide updates and any call to actions to those registered to receive updates about resource development for men and boys. You can register to receive updates here