Retired Teacher

Relevant organisations/institutions:

Alopecia UK Trustee 

Research areas of interest/specialisms:

Areas of interest: understanding the microbiome in the gut, controlling inflammation by diet.

Work/academic background:

Karen will be on the Committee as an Alopecia UK Trustee as well as being the Chair of the Research Committee.  Having developed Alopecia Universalis at the age of 52 Karen will also be representing the patient perspective.  Karen became involved with the first alopecia charity dedicated to research (AAR-UK) in 2012 after a year of searching for answers and finding none.  Upon merging with Alopecia UK in November 2017 Karen is pleased to be able to continue the work done at AAR-UK, playing a part on the newly formed research committee.

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You can find Karen's Alopecia UK Trustee Profile link here.