Alopecia UK Charity Development Manager

Research areas of interest/specialisms:

  • Specialisms:
    • Psychology
    • Art Psychotherapy
  • Areas of interest:
    • The mind and body - how they work together and the impact one can have on the other
    • The biology of emotion - the physical impact that emotion can have on the body
    • Brain development & coping mechanisms
    • Psychosomatic disorders
    • Healing capabilities of the body and the individual conditions needed for this 

Work/academic background:

Academic Background:

  • Psychology with Health Studies BSc (Dissertation - 'Alopecia & Identity')
  • Art Psychotherapy MA (Dissertation - 'Alexithymia & Art Psychotherapy: Exploring the case for the use of art psychotherapy with alexithymic individuals focusing on those with somatoform disorders')

During Jen's five years of studies she researched alopecia and included it in projects as much as her tutors would allow. This left her with a keen interest in the relationship between mind and body.

Alopecia background:

Jen has had alopecia areata since 1995, developing it at the age of 11. This progressed on to universalis, regrowing by the age of 16, but then all going again at the age of 20. Her current status is somewhere between alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis. 

Work background:

Jen has been with Alopecia UK since 2012, first as a volunteer and working up to Charity Development Manager. Prior to this she had various job roles, the most relevant one in this instance being that of Participation Worker. Jen is keen to ensure the voices of those with alopecia are heard at all levels within Alopecia UK however particularly so when it comes to alopecia research.  Jen wants to ensure the charity develops methods of including the patient perspective and getting research projects off the ground that those with alopecia want to see happen.

Relevant weblinks:

You can find Jen's Alopecia UK profile here