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We will be facilitating our SIXTH Alton Towers trip in 2019.  This event has become a firm favourite in the Alopecia UK calendar with increasing numbers of attendees each year (over 300 in 2018)!

Tickets will go on sale in November 2018.

Rollercoasters and theme parks can typically be avoided by those with alopecia which is why we organise the annual trip to Alton Towers Theme Park.  The trip was born as an awareness event but has grown to be a very supportive event too.  A crucial part of the whole day is the fact that everyone who is part of the Alopecia UK trip wears the blue Alopecia UK t-shirts and/or hoodies on top of their clothing.  This creates a supportive and friendly atmosphere in the park and gives everyone a confidence boost, enabling those with alopecia to just relax and enjoy their day with family and friends. 

We do facilitate groups to go round the park together so they can meet others affected by alopecia as this is a huge part of the day.  However some people choose to go round the park in their own family/friendship groups, either for all or part of the day.  It is up to the individuals attending.  We just want everyone to enjoy their day and have fun!