*Update: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak this page will be updated with any new information released by Tough  Mudder. At present, this event is scheduled to go ahead as planned.* 

The ‘Apatchy Warriors’ are back again to take on the gruelling Tough Mudder 12k obstacle course.  It’s muddy, it’s tough, but it’s a lot of fun!  As it falls during Alopecia Awareness Month, we thought it was the perfect way to mark the occasion and use the opportunity to raise a bit of alopecia awareness while bringing out our inner warrior! 

If you fancy challenging yourself and taking on the 12k obstacle course then why not join us?!  It’s only a bit of mud, ice and heights- easy-peasy (maybe)! You can even do it pretty much for free if you do a bit of fundraising for Alopecia UK (please see below).

All are welcome to be a part of the team and we will work together to complete the course. No ‘Apatchy Warrior’ gets left behind! We encourage as many people with alopecia as possible to be a part of the team but also welcome friends, family, partners and wider Alopecia UK supporters too.

"I found the whole experience totally overwhelming. We shared mud, sweat, pride, tears, tales, baldness and a few beers.  An experience I will never forget! Thank you AUK for making one of those mad ideas a reality." (Tamsin)

Our aim of this event is to raise awareness and just have a bit of fun whilst marking Alopecia Awareness Month, but we also encourage fundraising too.  Fundraising is optional but we do give an incentive.  Anyone who individually raises £250 for Alopecia UK through sponsorship for this particular event are eligible to claim up to £85 of their Tough Mudder entry fee back from Alopecia UK.  Notes:

  • This can only be claimed back after you have completed the event and once your sponsor money is into Alopecia UK. 
  • This is a reimbursement from Alopecia UK and entirely separate from Tough Mudder, i.e. it is not a refund from Tough Mudder. 

In 2017 our fantastic fundraisers raised an impressive £3328.25 through the Total Warrior Challenge in Cumbria! Can we top that in 2020 in the South?!  If you would like to fundraise it couldn’t be easier- it’s all done through the Alopecia UK website! Simply go to our appeals webpage here, select Tough Mudder 2020 from the dropdown appeals menu towards the bottom of the page and complete your fundraising form. Once your fundraising page has been approved it will appear online and you can direct supporters straight to your fundraising profile. Sorted!

"An experience! Loved the fact we supported each other in a team environment. Tough but worthwhile." (Carlo)

Join the Apatchy Warriors Team!

  1. Visit https://toughmudder.co.uk/events/2020-london-south-classic and register. Tickets at the time of writing this are £85. If you are a student you get 30% off the price of your ticket through UniDays.  Ensure you Enter ‘Tough Mudder London South Classic’ on Saturday 19 September 2020.
  2. Once you have registered log into your ACTIVE.com passport account. Details will be sent to the email you registered with. Additional instructions are here.
  3. Select the Option ‘Join a Team’
  4. Search ‘Apatchy Warriors (for Alopecia UK)’
  5. Use password: AUK2020 and click ‘Join’
  6. After you have registered we will contact you for your t-shirt size so that we can give you an ‘Apatchy Warriors’ t-shirt to wear to complete the course.  We’ll also invite you to join a Facebook Group. 

Some extra notes:


If any of you know of any companies that might like to sponsor the ‘Apatchy Warriors’ team then please get in touch with Alopecia UK ([email protected]).  Sponsorship helps us to cover the costs of t-shirts for the whole team, plus additional costs. If you know a company that could be a 'Total Hero' or 'Apatchy Pal' to our team of warriors this year, please ask them to check out our Sponsorship Opportunities and get in touch with us. 


We want this challenge to be as fun (and safe) as possible for everyone, so we highly recommend a minimum fitness level to take part. It wouldn’t be a Tough Mudder Challenge without some gruelling obstacles for which we do advise some strength training. Based on previous experiences of similar events we also advise that participants ideally train to run 10k but can comfortably run at least 5k before September 2020.  You can view training tips from Tough Mudder on their website.

What to bring

You will need to wear suitable clothing for running, climbing in and out of water and crawling through mud. Running shoes with good grips are ideal and if you need extra protection for your hands and knees (there is a lot of crawling on stones and rough surfaces) a pair of knee pads and gloves are pretty useful. If you can find old stuff that doesn’t matter too much all the better. On completion of the event you will need to dry yourself and change out of your wet and muddy clothes into warm dry clothing & shoes, you may wish to bring a small towel too as you will be doing this in a field!


Everyone must make their own way to the event. Most participants have come in cars to previous events and parking can be booked at the same time as your ticket. The closest train station is called Faygate Station which is 1.5 miles away or Crawley Train Station (4.6 miles) should you want to get the train, however, we’ll organise this kind of thing in the Facebook Group as it helps if people can arrive at the same time. 


Everyone taking part will be responsible for organising and paying for their own accommodation, so please bear that in mind. However, we will use the Facebook group to co-ordinate where everyone is staying so people can get together before and after the event. If you are planning on staying at a hotel or B&B then we would recommend booking as early as possible as they tend to book up months in advance. Crawley Travelodge is 3.4 miles away and at the time of writing this is charging £63.99 per night.


We would like all team members to arrive at Tough Mudder one hour before our wave time so that we can take team photographs etc. We will find out our start time 10 days before the challenge. This can be as early as 8am so please bare this is mind when booking travel. We cannot pre-select our start time preference.

Facebook group

As mentioned we’ll set up a Facebook group as it helps people to make arrangements and meet each other before the day. You will be invited to join the AUK Tough Mudder Facebook Group six weeks before the event.

Post-Mudder Celebration

Upon completing the course you will receive your free beer from Tough Mudder! We will then head to a local pub (TBC) for some food, chat and rest.


By registering with the Apatchy Warriors team you agree to wear a t-shirt provided to you by Alopecia UK to complete the course in, take part in Alopecia UK photos and arrive one hour before the team’s allocated wave start time (see Timings note).

Extra note only for those with alopecia

As this is primarily an alopecia awareness event and an experience we would like to encourage as many with alopecia to take part in as possible.

Any problems or questions, please contact Kelly Young, Alopecia UK Regional Events and Support Coordinator (South of England and Wales), on [email protected] or call 0800 101 7025.