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For the first time we are delighted to announce we have a team place for the Apatchy Warriors to take on the Rough Runner 10k obstacle course.

Rough runner is “created by runners. Inspired by Game shows. Made for everyone.” It’s a course that has a “combination of distance running with epic obstacles on the way. Inspired by tv games shows like Gladiators, Total Wipeout and Ninja Warrior.” It’ll be tough, but with great team spirit and lots of laughs, it will be a great deal of fun! As it takes place in September, which is Alopecia Awareness month, it’s the perfect way to join together to raise awareness of alopecia and show yourself what you are capable of achieving!

Although new to this exact challenge, Total warrior has been run by an Alopecia UK team for the past three years!

“Total Warrior is something I never thought I’d experience, it was tough, it was gruelling, at times it was very painful. But more than anything it was fun! The team were a great bunch and I think I’ve made friends for life through our experiences together doing it. If you don’t try it you’ll regret it!” (Abbie)

If you fancy taking part and becoming an Apatchy Warrior, then come and join us in this great event.

We had a team of thirteen last year and we all stayed together helping each other get up, over and through each obstacle. You can see our photos from last year here (hopefully these images will inspire you to join us!). All are welcome to be a part of the team. We encourage as many people with alopecia as possible to be a part of the team but also welcome friends, family, partners and wider Alopecia UK supporters to join too. Being part of a team also makes the entry price a bit cheaper. Please note that Rough Runner’s entry price increases incrementally throughout the year so if you are going to take part you are best signing up as soon as possible! (And then you can get training as soon as possible too!).

Our aim is to raise awareness and just have a bit of fun, but we also encourage fundraising too. Fundraising is optional but we do give an incentive. Anyone who individually raises £150 for Alopecia UK through sponsorship for this particular event are eligible to claim £50 of their Rough Runner entry fee back from Alopecia UK. Notes:

  • This can only be claimed back after you have completed the event and once your sponsorship money is in to Alopecia UK.
  • This is a reimbursement from Alopecia UK and entirely separate from Rough Runner, i.e. it is not a refund from Rough Runner.

Last year our team raised an impressive £2,500! Can we top that in 2018?! If you would like to fundraise please set up your own individual page on JustGiving and select to raise money for Alopecia UK. After doing so you can request to join our team here. (Note that if you will be claiming your entry fee back you will need to state this when setting up your individual page - JustGiving will ask you).

“It was one of the best days ever! I am proud to be an Apatchy Warrior. The whole experience has made me realise that I am totally accepted by others, no matter how I look. By doing something to help others I gained new friends, a new confidence and a much greater acceptance of my alopecia.” (Elaine)

Join the Apatchy Warriors Team!

  • Visithttps://roughrunner.com/events/london/
  • Register for the 10K race on Saturday 8th September 
  • Join as part of a team 
  • Search for Apatchy Warriors 
  • Enter the team password - Apatchywa33i0rs2018
  • Order ticket(s) for Roughian Discount (Group) 10K 
  • Complete the ticket registration details as required 
  • Choose 'late morning' as our preferred time slot (although this is not guaranteed, we can try to get this slot) 
  • Email Amy Harmsowrth to let her know you have signed up, and she will add you to the team's Facebook messenger group! (see contacts section below)

Some extra notes:


Click here for further information around where it is and how to get there

Everyone must make their own way to the event. We’ll organise this in the Facebook Group as it helps if people can arrive at the same time. As before it would be nice to spend the Friday and Saturday nights together, so we can get to know one another and celebrate our achievements.

Start time

We have chosen the ‘late morning’ slot so as to give people who are arriving on the day time to get settled. However this is not guaranteed and so confirmation about start times will be sent out via email or the Facebook chat.

What to bring

You will need to wear suitable clothing for running, climbing in and out of water and crawling through mud. Running shoes with good grips are ideal and if you need extra protection for your hands and knees (there is a lot of crawling on stones and rough

surfaces) a pair of knee pads and gloves are pretty useful. If you can find old stuff that doesn’t matter too much all the better.

On completion of the event you will need to dry yourself and change out of your wet and muddy clothes into warm dry clothing & shoes, you may wish to bring a small towel too as you will be doing this in a field!


Everyone taking part will be responsible for organising and paying for their own accommodation, so please bear that in mind. However we will use the Facebook group to co-ordinate where everyone is staying so people can get together before and after the event.

Facebook group

As mentioned we’ll set up a Facebook group as it helps for people to make arrangements and meet each other before the day.


By registering with the Apatchy Warriors team you agree to wear a t-shirt provided to you by Alopecia UK to complete the course in, take part in Alopecia UK photos and arrive at least one hour before the team’s allocated start time.

Extra note only for those with alopecia

As this is primarily an alopecia awareness event, and an experience we would like to encourage as many with alopecia to take part in as possible.


This year’s event is being organised by Elaine, Surrey and Greater London Support Group Lead and Amy, London Support Group Lead.

So for any questions, problems or to let them know you’ve signed up please contact them rather than Head Office.

Amy Harmsworth, email: [email protected] 

Elaine Cottrell, email: [email protected] or call/text 07773 372591.