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We will be facilitating our SIXTH Alton Towers trip in 2019.  This event has become a firm favourite in the Alopecia UK calendar with increasing numbers of attendees each year (over 300 in 2018)! 


Rollercoasters and theme parks can typically be avoided by those with alopecia which is why we organise the annual trip to Alton Towers Theme Park.  The trip was born as an awareness event but has grown to be a very supportive event too.  A crucial part of the whole day is the fact that everyone who is part of the Alopecia UK trip wears the blue Alopecia UK t-shirts and/or hoodies on top of their clothing.  This creates a supportive and friendly atmosphere in the park and gives everyone a confidence boost, enabling those with alopecia to just relax and enjoy their day with family and friends.  

We do facilitate groups to go round the park together so they can meet others affected by alopecia as this is a huge part of the day.  However some people choose to go round the park in their own family/friendship groups, either for all or part of the day.  It is up to the individuals attending.  We just want everyone to enjoy their day and have fun! 

This ticket page is for those wishing to be a part of the Alopecia UK Trip to Alton Towers.  You can either buy tickets or if you already have tickets (e.g. if you are a Merlin pass holder) you can simply register so that you are included in the communications and have the opportunity to buy the discount rate t-shirts and hoodies.

Please note that park opening times are still to be confirmed.  Alton Towers have confirmed they will be open on Saturday 13th April 2019, however timings are yet to be confirmed.  We anticipate that the park will open at 10am with ride queues closing at 5pm (and our timings are based on this). Our tickets do qualify for early ride entry at 9:30am however our organised groups will not go through until 10am.

Further information links:

USEFUL INFORMATION ON THE DAY – about base camp, timings and groups.

TERMS & CONDITIONS – please read before buying as purchasing a ticket means you accept these Terms & Conditions.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - If you have questions please check out our FAQs and if your question isn't answered please do contact us on [email protected] or call 08001017025.

If you wish to view photos from previous events to give you more of a flavour of the day please visit the Alopecia UK Flickr account.

Before ordering your tickets:

As well as reading the terms and conditions, please note:

  • Each order must include someone who has alopecia as one of the attendees.

  • The need to BUY HOODIES/T-SHIRTS (and LUNCH VOUCHERS) AT THE SAME TIME AS YOUR TICKETS if you want them at the discount rate. Wearing a blue Alopecia UK t-shirt and/or hoodie is an essential part of the day (see FAQ's). These will be posted out week commencing 1st April 2019 (subject to printers delivering on time).  Be aware that all hoodies and t-shirts sold for this event will be Sapphire Blue.  If you want any other colours please see our custom print shop and order at full price from there.

  • Theme park entry tickets will NOT be posted out.  You will need to collect them from Alopecia UK volunteers near the Alton Towers entrance on the morning on Saturday 13th April 2019 between 9am and 10:30am (Park opens at 10am).

  • We now have the option to pre-order a sandwich to save waiting in lunch queues.  You can order them in the same way as you would order merchandise (which is using the booking options below).  The lunch voucher can ONLY be used at lunchtime in the Hospitality Suite, which is the room we hire for the day. You will not be able to order a sandwich on the day but there will also be a tuck shop with drinks and snacks. 

  • The age 3 - 17 years FREE tickets are ONLY FOR CHILDREN WITH ALOPECIA (kindly funded by Avast for 2019). Any other children age 3-17 will need to have a £20 ticket.   An adult ticket must be purchased at the same time as the free child with alopecia ticket.
  • If you have sourced your theme park tickets elsewhere and are using this form for Registration Only then when selecting this ticket type please select 'one' and let us know how many will be in your party when completing the questions.  It is helpful for us to know how many people are coming as part of the Alopecia UK event.  

  • Refund requests will be accepted up until the 15th March 2019 on either tickets or merchandise. No refunds will be given after 15th March.
  • Event Merchandise will only be on sale until Monday 11th March 2019.

Please take the time to fill in the required information, ensuring you list the names of all party members. This is to ensure we can prepare for the day appropriately. Take care when entering contact information to ensure that you receive your confirmation email.

This event is kindly supported by the Avast Foundation for 2019.

AUK Alton Towers 2020 Appeal Every year we host our big trip to Alton Towers. Help us continue to fund free tickets for this trip for children and young people with alopecia. Find out more

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Ticket Quantity Price

ADULT Ticket (Age 12 & Over)

Decrease Increase £25.00

CHILD ticket (Age 3-11)

Decrease Increase £20.00

CHILD ticket (age 12 - 17) WITH ALOPECIA

Decrease Increase £0.00

CHILD ticket (age 3 - 11) WITH ALOPECIA

Decrease Increase £0.00

Age 2 & under

Decrease Increase £0.00

Registration only (sourcing tickets elsewhere)

Decrease Increase £0.00

ADULT AUK CARDHOLDER Ticket (Age 12 & Over)

Decrease Increase £23.00


Item Quantity Price

ADULT - Alopecia UK Hoodie

Decrease Increase £16.00

ADULT - I Have Alopecia T-Shirt

Decrease Increase £4.00

ADULT - I Love Someone with Alopecia T-Shirt

Decrease Increase £4.00

ADULT - Standard Alopecia UK Logo T-Shirt

Decrease Increase £4.00

CHILD - Alopecia UK Hoodie

Decrease Increase £12.00

CHILD - I Have Alopecia T-Shirt

Decrease Increase £3.00

CHILD - I Love Someone with Alopecia T-Shirt

Decrease Increase £3.00

CHILD - Standard Alopecia UK Logo T-Shirt

Decrease Increase £3.00

ADULT - Beanie Hat

Decrease Increase £5.00

CHILD - Beanie Hat

Decrease Increase £4.00

LUNCH - Sandwich

Decrease Increase £4.50